Eddie the Yeti

Dear parents, Eddie the Yeti books were created to demonstrate the core values of what it means to be a hockey player. Sportsmanship, hard work and family. We hope that these books will serve as inspiration and guidance for young players as they learn and grow both on and off the ice.

eddie the yeti, hockey book, childrens hockey book


The first book in a coming series, “Hard Work Wins the Game” is a children’s book about how the effort you put into practice can really pay off come game time. Read about how Eddie and his pals Arney and Chuck work to improve their hockey skills during practice, and then apply what they learned when it really counts.

"My vision is that these stories will inspire young players to dream big and work hard to reach their greatest potential."

- Christopher Scott Thornton -



eddie the yeti, childrens hockey book

Name: Eddie the Yeti

Position: Center

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Height: 6'1

Favorite Food: Pizza

eddie the yeti, childrens hockey book

Name: Arney the Moose

Position: Right Defense

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Height: 6'5

Favorite Food: Donuts with Sprinkles

eddie the yeti, childrens hockey book

Name: Chuck the Beaver

Position: Goalie

Hometown: Boston, MA

Height: 5'6

Favorite Food: Chocolate Chip Pancakes


eddie the yeti, childrens hockey book
eddie the yeti, hockey book, childrens hockey book


Believing in yourself means having faith in your own ability to do something. It means that you're willing to take the risk, even if that means possibly failing. When you believe in yourself, you overcome self-doubt and replace it with self-confidence. "YOU GOT THIS BUDDY!"


eddie the yeti, childrens hockey book



Hello friends, my name is Chris and I’m the creator of Eddie the Yeti. I’m happily married and the father of a sweet little boy named Levi, born May 2021. I’m an artist by nature and an avid hockey player. For the past 11 years I’ve worked for myself as a graphic designer, web designer and the occasional sign painter. I enjoy art, design, hockey, jiu jitsu, rock climbing, hiking and traveling.

My vision is that these stories will inspire young players to dream big, persevere, and reach their greatest potential. Because I believe that we are all capable of so much more, and that our potential is limited only by our own cognition. When I think about all the effort that's gone into the first book, all the long nights, the revisions, the goof-ups, and the wonderful aha! moments, I know it's still just one small step towards a bigger goal. My hope is that Eddie and his pals will encourage our young players to aspire both on and off the ice. Unfortunately, we're not all going to make it to the NHL, but hopefully what we learn from playing this amazing game will be carried forward into our lives outside the rink. I hope that these books will serve as a positive example of what we're all capable of achieving.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I look forward to watching this amazing venture unfold. I'd love to hear your feedback, questions, or about your own aspirations. Shoot me an email to chris@eddietheyeti.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

eddie the yeti, childrens hockey book



Despite being recognized for his drawing talents at an early age by his second grade teacher, Temiree didn't consider taking art seriously until high school. It was only then did he realize the potential of having a career in the visual arts. His early work involved doing realistic portraits of animals and vehicles in his sketchbook, but later he moved onto cartooning, with a specific focus on anthropomorphism. After graduating from a local community college, he got hired by a former instructor to work at a nearby game studio as a Junior Artist, doing everything from 2D art to 3D modeling to animation. The various experiences led to Temiree becoming a generalist, but his inspirations and aspirations led him back to focusing on character art. After the game's release, the team disbanded, whereby he switched gears to making a name for himself in the freelancing world as a character artist. In the five years since, he's completed nearly a thousand illustrations for hundreds of clients, which is what led Christopher Scott to discover his work, scout his abilities and bring him onto the Eddie the Yeti project.

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